Wearing: Reliquia coin necklace,  Reliquia Star Sign necklace, and Uniqlo shirting. 

Something that always catches my attention on other women are when they effortlessly layer their necklaces. Why wear one when you can wear two right?

I think i’ve decoded how to pull this look off.

Dont mix metals.

I hate this look on the best of days, but definitely don’t try this look when you’re layering your necklaces. Gold goes with gold, silver goes with silver. Have I made myself clear?

Chains are to be slightly different lengths 

You need to be able to see them, so having the exact same chain length doesn’t make any sense. Go for a slightly different chain length for that layered look, or a high and low chain length for a spaced out layer. If wearing three necklaces, avoid making them perfectly spaced out, it’s too rigid and you’re after that effortless, thrown on look. 

Add detail

Whats on the end of the chain is the final piece to the puzzle. Different shapes and sizes are going to lure the eye in to discover what they are.

Don’t go overboard 

Stick to a max of three necklaces layered at any one time, but two really is the magic number. Too many necklaces worn at once goes from effortless, to festival dress ups, and that is not what we’re going for.