Shopping the sales like a pro is all in the planning. Yes you can just tune into your favourite stores on the day, start to scroll and see what tugs on your vulnerable x % off heart strings (like you usually do), or you can go in with a game plan and know exactly what you want to walk away with.

Lets go with the latter this year shall we?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are, as they say,  the biggest sales weekend of the entire year. In my opinion you can get a better deal in January, but the real beauty of this coming weekend of sales is that its perfectly timed for right before the holiday, gifting, parties and Aussie summer period, and you’re also not left with the end of season bits and pieces left over. This is the perfect time to snap up gifts for friends and family, a new swimsuit, party outfits and summer essentials to take you through the next couple of months.

Hot tip:  Add all your favourites to your wish list and then scoop in like a ninja (with your handy discount code) first thing Friday morning, picking up all your favourite pieces before they sell out in your size. #theworst