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Will Face Therapeutic massage Have an effect on Filler? Consultants Sound Off

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Scroll by Instagram or TikTok, and I assure that you simply come throughout a minimum of one video detailing methods to do an at-home face therapeutic massage for more energizing, brighter, and extra sculpted-looking pores and skin. Advocates typically share some fairly epic before-and-after pictures to show that face therapeutic massage improved their look. And whereas I am unable to personally verify the validity of the hundreds of posts on social media, pores and skin consultants say there are actual advantages to face therapeutic massage, together with lymphatic drainage and elevated circulation.

Personally, I do a five-minute face therapeutic massage every morning to cut back puffiness and refresh my uninteresting, tired-looking pores and skin. Nonetheless, these days, I am questioning if I can keep dedicated to this little ritual. You see, I am coming into the final 12 months of my 20s, and I’ve began to see indicators of growing older seem. Yep, which means I am formally contemplating getting small quantities of Botox and filler to course-correct. And after performing some analysis, I’ve seen conflicting recommendation on whether or not or to not proceed face therapeutic massage post-injection. Some individuals say it is wonderful; others say it is going to trigger the filler to dissolve and even migrate. So, what is the reality? I reached out to 3 pores and skin consultants to seek out out as soon as and for all.

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First, What is the Distinction Between Botox and Filler?