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Classic Style at Every Age

## Classic Style at Every Age

My love for classic style started at a very early age. I grew up watching old movies with my mom and grandma. I remember being fascinated with the classic fashion icons and outfits from other eras as far back as middle school.

I’m often asked about the best way to build a wardrobe and put together outfits that can stand the test of time. So today, I am excited to build upon one of my most-read articles about timeless staple pieces. I’m going to reveal some of my favorite classic fashion icons, share some tips for putting together a timeless outfit, and highlight some classic style outfit ideas. Be sure to bookmark or Pin this post. My hope is that it will be just as relevant five years from now as it is today!

### Classic Fashion Icons

1. **Audrey Hepburn**
– Known for her elegant and minimalist style, Audrey Hepburn’s fashion sense is epitomized by her little black dress, ballet flats, and simple, yet chic, accessories.

2. **Grace Kelly**
– Grace Kelly’s timeless style is characterized by her tailored dresses, sophisticated gowns, and effortless grace. Her look is the epitome of classic elegance.

3. **Jackie Kennedy**
– Jackie Kennedy’s style is remembered for its polished and poised aesthetic. Think tailored suits, pillbox hats, and oversized sunglasses.

### Tips for Putting Together a Timeless Outfit

1. **Invest in Quality Basics**
– Quality over quantity is key. Invest in well-made pieces that will last. Think classic white shirts, tailored blazers, and high-quality denim.

2. **Stick to a Neutral Palette**
– Neutrals like black, white, navy, and beige are timeless. They mix and match easily and never go out of style.

3. **Focus on Fit**
– The fit of your clothing can make or break an outfit. Tailored pieces that fit you well will always look chic and put-together.

4. **Accessorize Simply**
– Classic accessories like pearl earrings, leather belts, and structured handbags add a timeless touch to any outfit.

5. **Embrace Minimalism**
– Less is often more when it comes to timeless style. Opt for clean lines and simple silhouettes over overly trendy or embellished pieces.

### Classic Style Outfit Ideas

1. **The Little Black Dress**
– A well-fitted black dress is a wardrobe staple. Dress it up with heels and pearls, or keep it casual with ballet flats and a cardigan.

2. **Tailored Blazer and Jeans**
– Pair a tailored blazer with a crisp white shirt and dark-wash jeans. Add loafers or ankle boots for a polished yet casual look.

3. **White Shirt and Black Trousers**
– A classic white shirt tucked into black trousers is effortlessly chic. Add a belt and pointy-toe flats for a sophisticated touch.

4. **Trench Coat and Midi Dress**
– A trench coat over a midi dress creates a timeless silhouette. Finish the look with classic pumps or ballet flats.

5. **Cashmere Sweater and A-line Skirt**
– Pair a soft cashmere sweater with an A-line skirt for a feminine and classic outfit. Add knee-high boots or heels for a polished finish.

By focusing on quality, fit, and classic pieces, you can build a wardrobe that not only stands the test of time but also ensures you always look effortlessly stylish. Remember, classic style is about feeling confident and comfortable in what you wear, regardless of the trends.

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