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What is the biggest makeup trend right now?

As of July 2024, several makeup trends are making waves in the beauty world:

1. **Colored Mascara**: Moving away from the traditional black, colored mascaras in shades like cobalt blue and brown are becoming popular for those looking to add a bold touch to their eye makeup.

2. **Bold Lips with Minimal Makeup**: The focus is on bold lip colors such as bright reds and vampy hues, paired with minimal makeup on the rest of the face, creating a striking contrast.

3. **Peach Fuzz**: Peach makeup, inspired by Pantone’s color of the year, is trending for its natural, flushed look. This versatile hue is being used for blush, eyeshadow, and lip products.

4. **Glossy Lips**: Lip gloss is making a strong comeback with high-shine finishes and nourishing formulas, pushing traditional matte finishes to the back seat.

5. **Statement Colors**: Bright, bold colors for eyes and lips are in vogue, with solid block eyeliners and vibrant lipstick shades taking center stage.

These trends emphasize a mix of natural looks with standout elements, offering both subtle and dramatic options for makeup enthusiasts.

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